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Welcome to NeoBook Classix, the place where you can download enhancement plug-in libraries specially developed for the NeoBook 4 Professional multimedia authoring software.

Many of the functions in the plug-in libraries were initially developed for our own projects as we are also using NeoBook to develop projects for our own clients. These plug-in libraries have since been expanded to include new and enhanced functions requested and used by many NeoBook developers.

All plug-in libraries are fully functional. If you're a NeoBook developer, download a copy and you'll be surprised how fast you can easily enhance your current projects with our plug-in libraries... with minimal scripting.

Making your own creative multimedia projects are now so much easier, better, faster and cool!

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rtFileSystemMgt Library
Expand and enhance your NeoBook projects with hundreds of practical functions with the rtFileSystemMgt Plug-In Library. This is THE essential productivity tool you should use for every Neobook project! Enhance your NeoBook projects now!
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rtProtectMgt Library
Need to protect your NeoBook projects and/or convert them into a shareware, time-limit or demo copy? Add compression/archive functions into your projects? Well, rtProtectMgt Plug-In Library can help you do just that, and much more! Protect your NeoBook projects now!
rtOthello Library
Impress your customers by adding an Othello/Reversi game into your NeoBook projects easily with rtOthello Library. You don't even need to know anything about game scripting. Creating NeoBook games is now so much fun than ever! Add an Othello game into your NeoBook projects now!
rtSlideShowFX Library
With more than 140 transitional effects and user-definable controls, you can now create impressive image slideshows easily with rtSlideShowFX Library. Create your next slideshow project with style, easily and fast! Show off your NeoBook slideshows in style!
rtImageFX Library
Go digital imaging and 'WOW' your customers now with rtImageFX Plug-In Library, the imaging effects library that lets you add spectacular photo-enhancing and dazzling image processing features into your NeoBook projects - quickly and easily! Add digital imaging features into your NeoBook projects now!
DVD Playback Control Library
Want to support DVD disc playback in your NeoBook project, with the ability to control the DVD playback, including fullscreen/restore mode, title menu, and other standard DVD controls? Well, with "rtDVDPlay Library", playing back DVD videos from your NeoBook project are now so much easier and cool! Play back DVD-Video discs from your NeoBook projects now!
Virtual Panoramic Control Library
Want to add interactive real-time views of panoramic (360 degrees) images, giving a Virtual Reality-like immersion feeling into your NeoBook project? With "rtPano Library", you can do all these and more! Add interactive panoramic features into your NeoBook projects now!

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