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Plug-In Libraries
rtDVDPlay Library

The rtDVDPlay Library (rtDVD) is a specialized DVD control plug-in library for NeoBook 4 software that allows you to play and control DVD-Video discs from your NeoBook projects directly. It is the ideal DVD plug-in library that you need when adding DVD-Video disc playback features in your kiosk, multimedia, corporate, and even PC home entertainment projects.

Download an evaluation copy of rtDVDPlay Library today and see for yourself how cool and easy it is to add to have DVD-Video disc playback in your NeoBook 4 projects!

  • Navigational Control Functions
    • Stop, Pause, Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Next/Prev Chapter, Play Chapter
  • Video Display Aspect Ratio Functions
    • Letter Box, Crop (Pan-Scan), Stretched (Wide Screen)
  • Menu Access Functions
    • Menu (Root), Title Menu
  • Color Adjustment Functions
    • Brightness, Constrast, Hue, Saturation, Default
  • BookMark Functions
    • Add/Restore Bookmarks
  • Settings
    • Volume Level, Digital Zoom, Audio Stream, SubTitles

Sample DVD Player included
Sample DVD Player included with compilable source code.
Current Version : v1.0 (Released Date : 5th September 2003)

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Only us$34.95

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The rtDVDPlay Library is distributed as SHAREWARE, and is available on evaluation for 30 days trial period. You must register if you wish to continue using this plug-in after the evaluation period. You may not distribute programs that use an unregistered copy of this library.

With the registered copy, you are entitled to unlimited use of all current and future versions of the rtDVDPlay Library. If you are using this plug-in library enhance and/or value-add your projects for clients and business associates, the cost of this registration will quickly pay for itself!

All functions are fully available during the trial period. On the UNREGISTERED copy, there will be a shareware reminder message displayed when in design mode; and an 'INTERFACE' error when in runtime mode.

All functions are fully available during the trial period.

Register today, and eliminate this message!

Personal License - US$34.95

To register the "Personal License" through PAYPAL, click the button below:

Function details are in the "README.TXT" file included in the package.

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