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Below are the games we've developed and released as FREE. No strings attached; no time limit; and no registration required. As in all our released games, you can expect these games to be of the same quality and playability. Why FREE? It's one way of saying "THANK YOU" to everyone, especially to our registered customers and reviewers for their contributions and support. No matter how small the registration fee is, it's the thoughts that count. And we're glad to have these 'MOTIVATIONAL' goodwill feelings around.


FREEWARE (Version 1.2) - 1973 KB
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Our version of the classic 'falling block'-type of puzzle game, with a slight twist.

The object of the game is to keep the blocks from piling up to the top of the game field. If the blocks pile up to the top of the game field, that's the end of the game.

From Level 3 onwards, there's a new block known as 'swap block' which allows you to swap (exchange) the current falling block with this 'swap block'. Only one block can be swapped per fall.

Enjoy 12 challenging levels of fun and excitement in this simple, easy-to-understand and yet addictive, mind-challenging 'finger-exercising' game!

Atomix Blob: Lost in LostMaze

FREEWARE (Version1.2) - 2033 KB
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ATOPMIX BLOBS in Adventure in VideoLand:
Lost in LostMaze

In this game, Mandee the red Blob suddenly found himself lost in the LOSTMAZE Sector of the ARKADE WORLD. Mandee needs your help to guide him get out of the LOSTMAZE safely. Simply guide Mandee towards the EXIT on each of the 25 levels. Be careful though, the orange-colored tiles are very fragile and will collapse once Mandee steps on it.

The EXIT gate will not open until all orange tiles are cleared on each level. By the way, don't ever let Mandee touch the blue-colored Atomix floor - it's deadly. You have only 5 chances to help Mandee!

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