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Plug-In Libraries
rtImageFX Plug-in Library

rtImageFX Plug-In Library is a specialised graphics library providing digital imaging, cool creative filter effects, basic drawing, painting and other graphical functions that you can easily add into your NeoBook projects.

With this library, you can now create fun, cool, and creative projects like multimedia photo-albums, photo cards, coloring books, digital camera-related projects, Photo/Image CDs, Maps/Atlas Viewers, image enhancement software and many more... with professional quality-like features!

  • Image manipulation/enhancement functions.
  • Filter effects for global image editing functions.
  • Direct TWAIN-compatible scanner device support
  • Smooth image handling/panning
  • Basic drawing/painting tools
  • Image conversion functions.
  • Thumbnails
  • Additional visual components for customized GUI enhancement.
  • ... and lots more!
DEMO projects with commented scripts included in package.
"To me, rtImageFX has simple answers for almost everything that I have wanted to do in terms of handling and filtering graphic content. Displaying images in a rectangle that you can place and control (zoom, pan, rotate, sharpen, etc) is a nice advance and adds simplicity to development. Or, having a thumbnail kit adds some real possibilities to menuing. After working with rtIFX for a while I have found that it is probably something I will use in almost every application that I develop. "
- Pete, a satisfied registered user.

In my opinion, rtImageFX is one of the most comprehensive scriptable graphics utilities (at least within a reasonable price range) ; in fact it is five separate utilities in one (TWAIN scanner, A FileFormat-to-ManyFileFormats, easy PhotoAlbum, ScreenCapture and a DrawOnCanvas (shapes, images, text, patterns) facility.

Current Version : v1.0.3d (19th November 2003)

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Only us$29.95

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The rtImageFX Plug-In Library is distributed as SHAREWARE, and is available on evaluation for 30 days trial period. You must register if you wish to continue using this plug-in after the evaluation period. You may not distribute programs that use an unregistered copy of the rtImageFX Plug-In Library.

With the registered copy, you are entitled to unlimited use of all current and future versions of the rtImageFX Plug-In Library. If you are using this plug-in library to develop software for your clients and business associates, the cost of this registration will quickly pay for itself!

All functions are available and they are not crippled so that you can fully test them out. On an UNREGISTERED copy, there will be a Shareware reminder message (design mode) and a Warning message (runtime mode) when you execute a function from the library, and thereafter, another similar message when you exit your project.

Register today, and eliminate this message!

    Personal License - US$49.95

    You can also register via PayPal via secured online transaction by clicking the below button:

    Check the "rtImgFX_Help.HLP" file included in the package for details on the functions available in the package.

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