Enhance your NeoBook projects with cool, exciting and powerful functions now!
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PADRING: Always new software

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We develop cool, exciting and fun PC entertainment and leisure software that lets you enjoy more than you can imagine.

From visual puzzles, strategy, logic, brainteasers, game of chance and skill, to classic favorites, and lots more. It's a great family classic entertainment for just about anyone - from kids to adults!

So... don your thinking cap, and get into the games now. And prepare to be challenged!

We also develop a range of affordable plug-in libraries that extend, enhance and expand the functionalities of NeoBook Professional 4 multimedia authoring software. Our value-added plug-in libraries provide you with the ability to add more exciting and cool features into your NeoBook 4 projects instantly, with minimal scripting.

So... enhance your NeoBook projects now. And prepare to impress others!

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