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Plug-In Libraries
rtSlideShowFX Library

The rtSlideShowFX Library (rtSSFX) is now more than just a slideshow plug-in library. You can now create impressive photo/image slideshows, family photo-story albums, and presentation/business slideshows easily, with minimal coding. Then run your slideshows in interactive, automatic or even full-screen kiosk mode! Whichever way you want.. it's so easy and fast!

rtSlideShowFX now extends the existing NeoBook's transition effects with more than 140 transition effects - more choices for that special visual effects! Enhancement functions are also included for customized presentations and slideshows.

Wow! It's never been so much easier to create your own slideshow projects... until now. Sample projects are included to get you started. Download a copy today, and you'll be amazed how simple and fast you can impress others with another innovative project of yours!

All New Version - Available Now!

  • Automatically reads all pictures of a specified directory.
  • Automatically loop and play back a list of MIDI files in the background.
  • Precise and custom timer controls.
  • 150 different transition effects with user-definable settings:
    • Slide control (Speed, Interval, Steps)
    • Mode control (Automatic, Manual)
    • Style Effect control (Random, Same, Next)
  • Presentation controls (First, Last, Next, Previous, GotoSlide
  • Movie-style text scrollers!
  • Support popular image formats, including bmp, png, jpg, wmf, ico, and psd.
DEMO projects with commented scripts included in package.
Current Version : v1.3.1 (Released Date : 6th November 2003)

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The rtSlideShowFX Library (rtSSFX) is distributed as SHAREWARE, and is available on evaluation for 30 days trial period. You must register if you wish to continue using this plug-in after the evaluation period. You may not distribute programs that use an unregistered copy of the rtSlideShowFX Library.

With the registered copy, you are entitled to unlimited use of all current and future versions of the rtSlideShowFX Library. If you are using this plug-in library to create multimedia slideshows for your clients, friends and business associates, the cost of this registration will quickly pay for itself!

On the UNREGISTERED copy, there will be a shareware reminder message displayed when in design mode; and an 'INTERFACE' error when in runtime mode.

All functions are fully available during the trial period.

Register today, and eliminate this message!

Personal License - US$34.95

To register the "Personal License" through PAYPAL, click the button below:

Function details are in the "README.TXT" file included in the package.

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