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Yes, you can now reach out to more customers easily with minimal efforts on your part. Our games are included in commercial CD bundlings, and magazines cover CD discs. Customers enjoy what they see (and play) - they are the best free 'marketing evangelist'.

Check below on how you can promote your company's products; and increase sales quickly.

If you're looking for games with 'fresh look', why not bundle our games in your commercial CD bundling projects?

We're compiling our games (including new games) into full-screen, multi-pack versions, something like '3-in-1' game compilation packs; or mini-games.

We're looking for distributors who can help us sell our games on the retail channels. We'd rather spent more time and resources to develop new games, leaving the retail markets to you.

Contact us via email to find out more on how we can help you make more money!

Include your company's name, logo and any products into the 'START' and/or CREDITS/END screens of our games; or your company logo in the gameplay screen.

Distribute your 'Ad Games' to your existing and potential customersl . Your company's name and products are re-inforced each time the game is run.

Just like promotional cups, pens, and other traditional promotional gifts, giving out games software is just another great avenue for increased sales.

Customers love what they see... or play. And when they do, they will spread the good feelings to friends, relatives, and business associates. With minimal effort on your part, there's potential maximum returns...

Contact us via email to find out more on how we can help you make it better!

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