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"Great looking program"
- Jim

"Very nice... the darn kiddie level burned a hole in my brain... "
- Troy

"..really impressive and professional designed."
- Hans

"..we're enjoying the game... thanks for the new kids feature - our grandchildren will enjoy it many times over... great game."
- Gayle

What's in for me if I register?
Rated 5 STARS!!!
Compare two seemingly identical pictures in each Picture Level in order to spot the differences between them. SPOT THE DIFF' 2 is an updated arcade-style version of the popular family classic pencil & paper "Spot the Difference" game that basically test and push the powers of your observation to the limits.

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"This is one of the best. The game has a unique style and uses very slick menus and transition screens."
'4 cows' award http://www.tucows.com/

Spot the Diff' 2 - Main Menu

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SPOT THE DIFF' 2 is now back with even more features than ever before! Just look at all the new exciting features you'll get to play.

There's 3 exciting Game modes to choose from - KIDS Challenge, PACE Challenge, and TIME Challenge modes. No more debating over who can play the game. From young kids to adults, just about anybody can now play the game!

Spot the Diff' 2 - Game Modes
4 Stars award from Soft32.com
Designed primarily for kids, the KIDS Challenge mode (see snapshot on the right) allows young kids to play the game too. The pictures are bright, colorful, big and... fun!

The differences can easily be spotted by kids, although we must admit... adults do like this mode too, especially the bright, colorful pictures!

Brings out the 'child' in you - just play the game like a kid !!!

Spot the Diff' 2 - Kids Challenge

Rated 5 STARS!!!

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The PACE Challenge mode is just right for beginners (or anyone who likes to play with slower pace) who are new to arcade-style game approach where a split second can decide whether you win or lose.

Redefine the rules of the game by changing the game speed and other options that will let you become a sure winner today!

Spot the Diff' 2 - Pace Challenge
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Here's where the 'heat' is on. Get into the TIME Challenge mode and compete with others to see who can make the mark by being the Top 5 in the High Score List.

Oh, you gotta be quick! "Time and Tide waits for no man". One second can means a lot - either you win or lose!

Spot the Diff' 2 - Time Challenge
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Wait... that's not all! There's a Bonus game you can play upon successful completion of every 10th levels.

This is a fast-paced memory matching game with 'smiley' tiles. The more matching tiles you matched in the fastest time, the higher the EXTRA bonus points.

Spot the Diff' 2 - Bonus Game
And if you made it to the top, you can show off your quick and observing skills to others by putting your name in the High Score List! Tell them that you're great. That you can think and observe faster than them... That you're... real good! Period.

The HIGH SCORE screen is where it brings a rewarding smile to the top 5 winners.

Spot the Diff' 2 - High Score Listing
Lastly, like any good story... every good thing must come to an end. Unless you "change the script". The game comes in a 'locked' mode after the 30-day trial period has expired. You cannot play the KIDS and PACE Challenge modes until it becomes a registered version.

Are you game for a good time? Register now and you'll get to enjoy the benefits listed below. Your registration helps to motivate us to develop more exciting games.

Register Now for greater fun time!

Click to download the file (10.2MB)
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SPOT THE DIFF' 2 is distributed as SHAREWARE where you are allowed to evaluate it for a period of 30 days.

What's in for me when I register?

  • More fun, excitement and happy moments because you get to enjoy playing all 70 picture levels (for Time Challenge Mode) unlike the current 15 limited levels in the current version.
  • More enjoyment and unrestricted variety in your gameplay - play the PACE or KIDS Challenge modes whenever you feel like it, or if you just want to relax yourself after a hard but wonderful time playing the TIME Challenge mode. No restriction for you UNLIKE the Trial version where only the TIME Challenge mode is available after the 30 day trial period is over. Cool, isn't it?
  • Let young kids enjoy the fun too, making it a family fun game where everyone (in the family) gets a chance to play! Let the kids have fun while training their observation skills at the same time!
  • Turn your PC into an enjoyable 'home mini-arcade system' when you enable the kiosk-mode option. Play it just like you have seen/played in the arcades, without even spending a single token/credit for it!
  • Show off this new game of yours to friends and associates whenever they visit your home. Let them envy you. Watch them crowd around the monitor trying to spot the differences. Hear the laughter, the screaming, and the 'I told you so!".
  • Get to train and build up your observation skills, and yet have fun at the same time for a small one-time registration fee!
  • More happy and fun moments ...and the "I've made it" achievement feelings when seeing your name listed in the High Score List.
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